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Sonntag, 09 Mai 2021 16:39

Renault Talk #1: Nouvelle Vague, The Renault Brand restates its Ambitions

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  • Renault Talk: an all-digital, all-Renault event 
  • Luca de Meo and the Renault brand team shared their vision of the brand, within the framework of the Renaulution strategic plan:  
    • A “Nouvelle Vague” for a more modern, greener, tech-centric, and sustainable Renault brand  
    • A new logo and visual style  
    • A product-centric offensive 
    • A value-driven business strategy 

Boulogne-Billancourt – Thursday, May 6th, 2021. This Thursday, Luca de Meo, and the Renault brand team shared the vision of the brand: an energy transition leader, on the forefront of the latest technology and services, operating in a more sustainable and responsible manner. 


A heart-felt people-centric brand, Renault is entering a new era as it brings a wave of modernity to the European automotive industry. 

The “Nouvelle Vague” will turn Renault into a brand centred around technology, services, and clean energy, by engineering smarter every-day vehicles and mobility solutions that are more sustainable. This is in line with the brand’s DNA as a company that changed with the times throughout the 20th century, devising innovative, profoundly modern vehicles at each step of the way. In 2021, more than ever, Renault strives to meet market expectations of responsible, carbon-free, safe, and scalable mobility solutions that are in line with customer needs.  

During Renault Talk #1, Luca de Meo restated the direction set for the brand, at the heart of the Group’s Renaulution plan: 

  • As industry leader of the energy transition, the Renault brand will be the greenest brand in Europe as of 2030, with 9 out of 10 sold cars being electrified. 
  • At the forefront of technology and services, the Renault brand is shaping the future of urban mobility, primarily via the “Software République”.  More than 2,000 engineers from 5 industry-leading companies will bring their shared expertise in cyber security, artificial intelligence, data processing, software, and microelectronics, in order to deliver turnkey mobility solutions for cities and communities.  
  • The Renault Re-Factory – Europe’s first circular-economy hub – marks a move towards a more sustainable and responsible model, with up to 120,000 vehicles (EV included) recycled or upcycled every year.  Nearly 80% of strategic recycled materials will be reused in new batteries. By 2030, Renault will become the world’s best automotive manufacturer when it comes to the percentage of recycled materials in new vehicles. 
  • Renault is taking its “voitures à vivre” to upper segments: Seven (7) models will be released on C and D segments by 2025, all of them electrified. Arkana marks the beginning of the commercial offensive. The next generation Megane E-TECH Electric, a vehicle that embodies the future of connected and full-electric cars, is also set be released in the very near future. Lastly, on-going improvements to E-TECH Hybrid technology will continue to provide upcoming C and D segment vehicles the best in efficiency and fun-to-drive experiences. 


Throughout its history, the Renault brand has undergone repeated changes to its visual identity. But one thing has remained unchanged since 1925: the instantly recognizable Renault diamond, a true brand icon.  

The latest iteration was created in 1992, and although being re-worked in 2015, was gradually becoming a little dated. Because the brand is deeply rooted in a modern, international market, where its expression will be felt in various domains, its recently unveiled logo is more modern and vibrant, and it serves a key purpose: portray the Renault brand as more relatable and built on people-centric values. A streamlined design, with neither typogram nor brand signature, the logo is an open-ended shape, thus reflecting the brand’s openness and transparency. 

The new logo was co-designed with Landor&Fitch consultants and will be phased in as of next year on all Renault brand vehicles and throughout the Renault network. By 2024, the Renault range will bear the new logo.   

Gilles Vidal, Renault Brand Design Director, unveiled an image of the logo as it will appear on the back of the new Megane E-TECH Electric, set to be marketed in 2022.  

Gilles Vidal also presented two interior visuals that show a revisited and enhanced onboard experience, including:  

  • high-tech on-board systems and top-of-the-line screens 
  • increased space with more storage compartments for extra comfort and convenience 
  • redesigned lines, spaces, and materials that embody a new era.


According to Arnaud Belloni, VP of Global Marketing for the Renault brand, the “Nouvelle Vague” is also reflected in the brand's advertising. Imbued with a creative and modern edge, they incorporate some of the brands most iconic pieces of memorabilia:  the Renault Fuego, covers of cult classics like ‘Johnny & Mary’, or the Renault-Gitane cycling jersey featured in the recent ad for the Captur E-TECH Hybrid. 

The new brand identity is already an underlying feature of Renault’s advertising campaigns and communications. It will be deployed across the brand’s websites next month. 


With more than 10 years of experience and almost 400,000 vehicles sold to date, the Renault brand is a leader in the European EV market. Building off its expertise in full-electric vehicles, the Renault brand has extended its EV range with hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of its core market vehicles. 

With more than 150 patents to its name and having leveraged the brand’s experience in Formula 1, E-TECH hybrid technology is as unique as it is modular. In both hybrid and plug-in hybrid, it provides the best in energy efficiency and driving pleasure while also reducing CO2 emissions and fuel use. 

2020 saw this revolutionary piece of technology offered on three of the brand’s core vehicles as a way of making the EV experience something for everyone:  

  • Clio E-TECH Hybrid,  
  • Captur E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid  
  • Megane Estate E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid.  

In 2021, with the recent release of Arkana and Captur E-TECH Hybrid and the Megane hatchback E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid, the Renault brand now has an EV range of six E-TECH hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

Gilles Le Borgne, EVP, Engineering, Renault Group, has confirmed that the brand is preparing for the future by extending the scope of its E-TECH hybrid technology to future generations.   

Upper segments – especially the C-SUV segment – will see the arrival of a brand-new 1.2L 3-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor, for a 200hp in hybrid in 2022 and a 280hp in plug-in hybrid 4-wheel drive in 2024. 


Arkana’s unique, full-hybrid design is shaking up the market codes and carving out its place as an international C segment contender. The first SUV-Coupé from a mass-market manufacturer, it brings together driving pleasure, comfort, and spaciousness. 

Its strong personality and distinctive style are paired with a fully-hybrid engine, making it unlike any other vehicle in its segment:  

  • on one hand, TCe 140 and TCe 160 engines with 12V micro-hybridization, synonymous with fuel efficiency, flexibility, and driving pleasure.  
  • on the other hand, the 145hp E-TECH Hybrid engine that can run in all-electric mode up to 80% of the time on city roads and equate to 40% fuel savings compared to a petrol engine in urban cycle. 

Receiving an enthusiastic welcome from customers, with already more than 6,000 European orders placed in May, the All-New Renault Arkana E-TECH Hybrid will be available in June.


A true icon ever since it was first launched in 1997, the Kangoo is back. The All-New Kangoo combines elegance, space, and technology. With its robust yet streamlined design, this combispace offers the best possible spaciousness with three full-sized seats in the rear and more than 49L of accessible storage. Its generous boot boasts from 775L up to 3,500L of flat-bed storage. Fourteen new standard driver-assistance systems for optimal safety are included in standard equipment. 

The All-New Kangoo will be available in both 5- and 7-seater models. 

Come 2022, the All-New Kangoo will also be available in a full-electric E-TECH model.


Fabrice Cambolive, SVP, Renault Brand Sales and Operations, restated Renault brand’s commercial priorities: 

  • The ‘green’ offensive, as a means of ramping up the EV range and furthering the E-TECH offensive: in Europe, 25% of Renault sales are electrified and 30% of Clio sales in France are already hybrid;  
  • Products: speeding up product line renewal, both in Europe and abroad, by winning back market shares in the C segment, starting with the New Renault Arkana. 
  • Value first, volumes will follow: by focusing efforts on the quality of sales and price positioning; for example, Arkana's turnover per unit is over €30,000, compared with our line-up average at €15,000. 

Proud of its French roots, the Renault brand is also an international brand. Model by model, market by market, the Renault brand has overhauled its business model. End-game objective: increase the profitability of its vehicles while preparing a generation of new products to conquer new markets.   

Internationally, the Renault brand has been investing in its historical high-potential markets with a strong local presence – Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and India – while keeping risk levels in check.  

In Europe, Renault continues to rely on its key markets – France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom – with a more visible range and a clear roadmap: leverage E-TECH to foster E-mobility leadership and ramp up efforts to increase market shares for both C segment and commercial vehicles.  

Riding the crest of the “Nouvelle Vague”, Renault is performing better and faster. The Renault Brand is moving forward.

See this digital event here:

Source: Media Groupe Renault

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